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Every now and then I try to make a nice birthday show. This is the last.

@ Michiel is it possible to make a particle of an eps file? Could you make it possible??

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Bonito show Filip, me gusta

persiana, a year ago


Is extruded picture not an option?

komies, a year ago

Bel effet du ressort

PAT67, a year ago

agree with Patrick

vincent, a year ago

Filip, in the current version it is not possible to use EPS shapes as particles. Thank you for your request!

michiel, a year ago

Thx all.
@Komies, nee extrude is geen optie, maar bedankt voor het meedenken.
@Michiel bedankt voor het antwoord.

Filip, a year ago

Ok, then what effect are you trying to achieve?

If it is not a extrude effect?

Because that is a what a EPS in BluffTitler is to me, a Silhouette with a extruded depth. Which with the traced Picture layer can have a texture but you cannot have a traced picture as particle in BluffTitler hence the Extruded Picture Effect to get that similar effect of a image with depth. The only drawback is that this effect has no Reflection or Cubemap effect option? Is that it?

komies, a year ago

Komies try to make a eps spiral or a confetti spiral. Thats a 3d model. There is no way you make this with an extrude picture. At least I tried and it didn't work

Filip, a year ago

The party spiral can be made in Bixelangelo as sketch layer, and yes you are right a Sketch in a EPS file container cannot be added as a particle at this time.

A existing Sketch Spiral came with the installer named MagicTree.eps that is what I used in this video, just tweaked the size and used the italic property to make it spring with damper physics.

So the question is then, when it doesn't work with Sketch as particle then what is wrong with a Model as particle as you have used?

komies, a year ago

Komies ...nothing but I'm no good at making 3d models and I can make eps sketches with Bixelangelo.

I can download and convert 3d models....but I love challenges.

By the way love your additions.

Filip, a year ago

Beautiful birthday show, Filip!

Ulli, a year ago

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