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Filip | a year ago | 7 comments | 6 likes | 540 views

liuyongcai, LostBoyz, SparkyVegas and 3 others like this!

Armabit's show has lead to some discussion. How do you make that show?

Dani reproduced it but how did het do the trick....I don't know...

My earlier show used the Masked.cfx effect. But it was no reproduction of the show of Armabit and Dani.

This show comes close using the UVModifier.cfx effect. But i needs a bit of tuning, so here is also the show maybe there are better solutions. I hope you want to share your solution!

Download media files (3.5 KB)

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.....maybe downloading BT 14.1.2 is the better answer???

Filip, a year ago

Thanks for sharing, Filip

komies, a year ago

Looks great ...Thank you...Your show is perfect...

Dani, a year ago

Muy bien filip y gracias

persiana, a year ago

Nice experimentations. Thanks.

vincent, a year ago

Great implementation!

I only have 1 remark: the video is too short. I can watch this effect for hours🤩🤩🤩

michiel, a year ago

Thnx All. @Michiel sorry, but you can make the show as long as you want.

Filip, a year ago

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