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Filip | a year ago | 15 comments | 8 likes | 916 views

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I wanted to make a frozen bubble, and I did it with the help of BluffTitler and Filterforge.

It's not exact what I had in mind but for now it will do.
I will share it with you maybe to learn or maybe to improve it.

Sharing is learning!

Download media files (373.2 KB)

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Yes Flip, you Are right !

Sharing is learning, Thank you

snafu, a year ago

Cool show Filip! Thank you!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Filip, very interesting effect and technique, not easy to improve

vincent, a year ago

Snafu, 11 years (at least according your 1st post) that you use BT and where are your shares? i see only laments and requests. Sharing is not a one-way street!!!!!
And then I'll tell you one thing that itches me, when you post shows 'to download' and you have more than 100 or 200 views with just 2 or 3% feedbacks (and again, by the regulars of the community, 0 from YOU) it discourages you a little. I know that now on the internet people want everything, right away and for free and without any courtesies but unfortunately that's not how the system can work. Of course this is just my opinion.

vincent, a year ago

Filip, great use of both programs, I recently installed my free upgrade to ver11 of FF. Which filter did you use in FF. A great show thank you for sharing will open the download later and have a look. Cheers once again. John

Pioneer, a year ago

Great idea and thank you very much for sharing, Filip.

Ulli, a year ago

Vincent, you are right, but I explain to you, some of your questions of your comment.
First at all, my knowledge of Blufftitler is very limited, so publishing my works here would not contribute to the general interest to the users of this application, all my shows are familiar and short, with no many changes of the original sources.
I have not time for experiments or looking into the possibilities of Blufftitler.

My main comments in the area, or "laments", as you call them, are because when this forum was created, it was supposed for publishing the shows in such a way that others could learn and anyone could study the show and possibilities of this tool.

But instead of that, many, publish the final result, and then the show is sent to Utube.

I understand that the copyright can not be break, but any others use this area as a free advertisement for their companies in search of clients, which is not fair.

Sorry for my English.

snafu, a year ago

I can understand your frustration at not seeing more downloadable shows, but if you consider the number of shows in the BixPacks plus the shows delivered in the installation that michiel took care to classify by types plus the shows in this gallery I think we get well over 1000 shows representing a huge source of inspiration and tutorials to make all kinds of shows. If you DO NOT HAVE or DO NOT TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN BT you must turn to ready-made 3D animation videos that you will probably have to pay. It's as if you don't know anything about mechanics you will have no choice but to entrust your car to a mechanic or learn the trade.
It is a choice to be made and in any case an investment, either in time or money.
Everything is paid for in our beautiful world.
Sorry for my english too, and sorry Filip for scrambling your post a bit.

vincent, a year ago

Vincent, I know that if want to dance, you have to pay for the music, and most of the things in this world cost money, I am not that naive to ignore it.

For your information, I have to tell you that I have the WHOLE BIXPACK COLLECTION, it means that I purchased THE 43 BIXPACKS, and of course I use them, so no more bullshit about this subject.

In the other hand, there are many shows published here, that use movie clips, effects, models ... etc. and few features of Blufftitler and are displayed in this area as Blufftitler shows, but in fact they use very few characteristics of Blufftitler.

snafu, a year ago

Merci Filip

PAT67, a year ago

Interesting way to make the bubble pulsate. I think this works because the particle layer (layer 6) emits all its particles from the very same position (by setting the LAUNCH AREA prop to (0, 0, 0)), the particles grow (by setting the PARTICLE SIZE prop to (100, 0, 0)) and are rendered as blobs (by using the 3D BLOBS style).

Changing this gives surprising results:

Setting the LAUNCH AREA to (30, 30, 30) turns the bubble into chewing gum.

And setting the style to 3D SPHERES turns it into a fortune teller sphere 🔮😁

michiel, a year ago

Snafu, if you have the all Bixpacks you have all the tools to create or modify all kinds of super shows but it is certain that from a moment you are forced to spend a time to study and understand, it is the same for all disciplines.

vincent, a year ago

Thnx all. Michiel nice tips thnx.
Pioneer I took the "True glass shader" as image and used this filter:

Filip, a year ago

Very interesting ! Thanks Filip and Michiel!

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Thnx Alex Raymond!

Filip, a year ago

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