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Filip | a year ago | 5 comments | 7 likes | 632 views

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I tried to make this show with a glyph, but I couldn't get every part of the glyph a different color. Not with rainbow.cfx not with UVMapper.cfx or with UVModifier.cfx, at least not as i wanted to.

So I went looking for a Font to create the stripes. I've made this with the letter I and i of the
Magical Mystery Tour.ttf ( ).

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Nice trick to use another font for the decorations!

Decorations can also be added with particles. In this screenshot have attached a particle layer to the letter d. The LAUNCH NORMAL prop is set to (0,1,0) and the LAUNCH NORMAL TOLERANCE to 0.1. This way the particles are only emitted from the upwards facing parts of the letter.

michiel, a year ago

Nice show!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Thnx Michiel for the particle idea.
Thnx LostBoyz

Filip, a year ago

Thank you Filip and Michiel for your ideas.

Ulli, a year ago

At your service

Filip, a year ago

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