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Hello, I have a question. For what is the menu bar the presets section. What can I store there and how to retrieve and use where?

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??? „Preset“ ???


sven, 2 months ago

I think this answers your question:

michiel, 2 months ago

Works it also with Container?

sven, 2 months ago


michiel, 2 months ago

I have now tried it to save a container from a bixpack and import it into a new project but it doesn´t work. It is displayed to me under presets but when i import the container it is empty.

sven, 2 months ago

Each PRESET-save is only a save for the same TYPE of layer.
Plasma presets only used for plasma layer, etc.

lightads, 2 months ago

When you want to copy a container layer including all attached layers (its children), press <Ctrl> M. This adds all layers of another show to the current show to the current time. After doing this, delete the layers you are not interested in, like the camera and light layers.

michiel, 2 months ago

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