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bhp2000 | 2 years ago | 7 comments | 516 views


This is probably an easy thing to do but not having time to learn Bluff better I thought I'd see if someone here could point me in the right direction. (And I thank you in advance. '-)

I'm trying to get a constantly moving highway roadbed, see thumb.

I tried that graphic (1920x1080) as a texture in the tunnel app and after some tweaking with size, position, lighting etc., managed to get the concept going without reflections of same on sides and top but alas, it's a roller coaster and the turns and hills etc. get too distracting for use as the background of which I envision.

1. Is there anyway of using the tunnel app to move in a straight line WITHOUT all of the twists and turns? I figure that gets down to making an eps file of same somehow and swapping or some such?

2. My other option I guess is to render a STRAIGHT section of the roller coaster and then in an NLE clip it and just loop it.

3. Maybe there's still yet another option that won't take a zillion hours to do?

Any thoughts, greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bob

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Here's how I would do it:
1) choose LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD PICTURE LAYER... and select your 1 line asphalt picture
2) switch from FLAT to SINGLE SIDED with the 3rd dropdown below the (disabled) textbox
3) set the TEXTURE REPEAT prop to (0, 10)
4) set the SIZE prop to (1, 10, 1)
5) set the ROTATION prop to (0, 40, 0)
6) choose MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... and select the Flare effect
7) set the FX SPEED prop to (0, 1)

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you for the quick and pro advice Michiel!

I shall endeavor to try exactly what you suggest!

Many thanks, Bob

bhp2000, 2 years ago


Your advice was dead on perfect! THANK YOU!
However, just one little nuance happened when I added the "flare" effect.

My amber lines on either side turned white. I tried adjusting all color options
to restore the look of two outside yellow lines and the white repeating hash in center
but it would only color everything the same color.

I guess this is the nature of the flare effect and nothing can be done?

I can live with it but if there IS a way for the image layer to maintain it's original color, I'm all ears. '-)

bhp2000, 2 years ago

The Special\UVMapper effect can also animate the texture position (with its FX TEXTURE SPEED prop) and is not rendered in greyscale.

When you use this effect, use the FX TEXTURE POSITION and FX TEXTURE SIZE props to position the texture.

michiel, 2 years ago

I'll give that a try...

Most kind of you, appreciated!


bhp2000, 2 years ago

Okay, that did it!
Now I just have to get the right graphical layout
of my road so the hashed white lines in road center
go by realistically. It'll take some trial and error etc. but
I'll find it.


bhp2000, 2 years ago


michiel, 2 years ago

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