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Jos12 | a year ago | 2 comments | 264 views

What is ment with "use the render output as the first texture" in this lesson enclosed?

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Every effect can use up to 3 textures. You can see this by choosing MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT....

When you create a new picture layer (choose LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD PICTURE LAYER...), the picture that you select is used as the 1st texture. You can check this by choosing MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... after creating the picture layer.

When you apply, for example, the Filters\Circles effect to this picture layer (choose MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT....), the effect is applied only to this picture layer.

But when you apply the same effect to the camera layer (select the camera layer and choose MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT....), it is applied to the whole screen: the render output. This is because the camera layer uses the render output as the 1st texture.

michiel, a year ago

Understood, Thanks

Jos12, a year ago

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