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Jos12 | a year ago | 1 comment | 324 views

In earlier editions of Bluff Titler the effects had the extension .fx

Now in revison 15 Ultimate the effetcs have cfx as extension.
Is there a special reason? because all my effects out of my earlier edition do not work anymore, whereas all the "older" effects have not been replaced by CFX-files.
So I loos my old effects now?

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Since version 12, BluffTitler is powered by DirectX 11. This version of DirectX no longer supports .FX files: Microsoft has terminated the support of this format without offering a replacement system. For this reason we had to develop our own effect format. That's the .CFX format.

More than 200 old .FX files have been converted to .CFX and can be found in the Media\Effects\V11 folder. They are automatically selected when you load an old show.

We have not received requests for converting missing .FX files for years now, so we were hoping all old .FX still in use had finally been converted. Until your message of today... Which effects are you missing?

michiel, a year ago

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