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bhp2000 | a year ago | 2 comments | 272 views

First, a congrats to Michiel on your Anniversary and for the kind gesture of offering 50% off! Appreciated!

In BixPack #33, I absolutely LOVE the condo building made with words and actually it's the only reason I bought that pack. I think it's simply brilliant! Kudos to all!

With that said, I notice the window reflection is generated by a file. I was wondering if there was somewhere to buy here or elsewhere, other PRE-MADE .dds files of this type, that I DON'T have to actually assemble via say Blender or similar?

I'm specifically looking for a city night scene instead of daytime sky and clouds since the ad I have in mind would be using the building as part of an urban scene. Looking for tall buildings, lights, stars etc. instead of clouds.

Is that something that's even available? BUT AGAIN...not that I'd have to assemble from say 6 images. If I just have to use the clouds, I guess I could just darken them but wanted to check on options.

Thanks again for any help or insights, Bob

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Thank you bhp2000!

A tool to convert panoramic photos from various formats to the DDS format is Bixorama:

michiel, a year ago

I'll look into it and give it a try, thanks!

bhp2000, a year ago

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