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LostBoyz | a month ago | 14 comments | 15 likes | 619 views

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👻Ghost 👻

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Filip, a month ago

Very nice and original.

vincent, a month ago

Very cool

Decentralized, a month ago

well done lostboyz

chaver, a month ago

Ghost hiding is just awesome...

Dani, a month ago

Super sympa, j'adore le texte qui s'enfonce dans la pelouse !!!

le beau jojo, a month ago

Thank you all! 😊

LostBoyz, a month ago

very nice ghost.

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Really wonderful, LB!

Ulli, a month ago

Thank you Franco Aversa and Ulli!

LostBoyz, a month ago

Un fantasma muy escurridizo.
Para dejar marcadas la caída del texto, salida de logo y el nacimiento de las flores fuera genial si colocara audio adicional a cada uno y el fantasma siendo el que sorprenda sea el sorprendido. :)
Solo es una idea... 🙂

EDWIN, a month ago

Une belle animation nourrie d’effets inédits

PAT67, a month ago

Original concept!

Curious to the green labyrinth where the ghost came from....

michiel, a month ago

Thank you PAT67 and Michiel!
Maybe one day we will find out what the labyrinth hides 😊

LostBoyz, a month ago

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