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Ulli | 6 months ago | 9 comments | 10 likes | 297 views

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Hello my dear Friends,

this test is inspired by shoji M´s show - Magic sword in drag -

The girl unfortunately doesn't have a lot of clothes to redress her, but I recolored the top and pants in the texture. 🙂

You can find the 3d model here:

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Nice work!Ulli !

liuyongcai, 6 months ago

Cool Ulli !!

chaver, 6 months ago

Fantastic Ulli! :)

LostBoyz, 6 months ago

Original style to turn off all lighting!

I was wondering about the dark areas on the inside of her legs. In the right picture I've set both the FX LIGHTING FACTOR and FX OCCLUSION FACTOR props to 0, as well as setting the SHADOW INTENSITY prop of the light layer to 0 and removing the extra point light. But the dark areas are still there!!! After a lot of puzzling I found out they are part of the colour map, so the only way to remove them would be to edit the colour map in a paint app.

michiel, 6 months ago

Well done Ulli.

vincent, 6 months ago

Nice version of the splitted effect!

Thor5ten, 6 months ago

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Ulli, 6 months ago

Great job.

Decentralized, 6 months ago

Thanks a lot, Decentralized!

Ulli, 6 months ago

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