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Ulli | 14 years ago | 5 comments | 2 likes | 4,713 views

michiel likes this!

Here is my new idea, based on Michiels "Sparkling Photo" Animation.

Download media files (66.2 KB)

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Well done, we're ready for Christmas!

At the beginning of the animation there are a bit too many particles. I've tried to solve that by animating the EMISSION property of the particle layer (layer 4) from 0 at the start to 500 at the end of the animation.

Note that the EMISSION property of the particle layer is defined as the amount of particles that is emitted per second.

michiel, 14 years ago

Habe beim Particle Layer die Emission am Anfang auf 0 gesetzt und am Ende auf 500. Sieht wirklich besser aus.

Ulli, 14 years ago

Looks great Ulli! How can I speedup the animation? Or do you need to paint faster in Bixelangelo?

Tukkermando, 14 years ago

Hi Tukkermando,

change the length of the show duration and the animation is a little bit faster.

Ulli, 14 years ago

Thanx Ulli for youre quick reaction!

Tukkermando, 14 years ago

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