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Trying to create a game where the participants arrange the letters to form the name of a Bible book. Alphabix created 57 cubes.

Is there a way to reduce the number of cubes? I combined most of the books as a single name to try to streamline, but not sure if this is the proper way.


List fed:
Genesis Exodo
Levitico Numeros
Josue Jueces
Rut 1 Samuel
2 Samuel 1 Reyes
2 Reyes 1 Cronicas
2 Cronicas Esdras
Nehemias Ester Job
Salmos Proverbios
Eclesiastes Cantares
Isaias Jeremias
Ezequiel Daniel
Oseas Joel Amos
Abdias Jonas Miqueas
Nahum Habacuc
Sofonias Hageo
Zacarias Malaquias
Mateo Marcos Lucas
Juan Hechos Romanos
1 Corintios 2 Corintios
Galatas Efesios
Filipenses Colosenses
1 Tesalonicenses
2 Tesalonicenses
1 Timoteo 2 Timoteo
Tito Filemon Hebreos
Santiago 1 Pedro
2 Pedro 1 Juan
2 Juan 3 Juan Judas

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the geometry doesn't work = You would need 66 .6 for 11 cubes.

Rorysee, a month ago

So you would like to write the names of all 66 bible books with the least number of letter cubes? Interesting challenge!

Giving every book its own line in the FILE > EXPORT AS CUBES... dialog reduces the number of required cubes. So it's best not to combine them.

Other tricks that help:
-removing the numbers
-removing the spaces
-removing the accents
-only use upper case

Most can be automated, and already is, but there are still 2 problems:
1) the textbox does not have a vertical scrollbar, so the number of names is limited
2) the algorithm used by Alphabix isn't optimal

A quick test has demonstrated that it's possible to write all books with only 15 cubes. We'll fix this in the next version, planned for launch next week. Thank you for the report!

michiel, a month ago


I kind of realized the issue with the scrolling bar, and I believe that is one of the reasons I combined the names.

I appreciate your input and look forward to the next update.


EdwardL, a month ago

I think Alphabix, launched today, can do what you are looking for:

michiel, a month ago

I just tested and as you have said, it did it in 15 cubes.
Thanks for the update.

EdwardL, a month ago


michiel, a month ago

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