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Article reference: "Problem with a Model"

Blender tutorial to fix some that export poorly for use in BluffTitler.

The tutorial video is available at the following link:

A ".jpg" screenshot is associated with the video, a later addition concerning a sub-model that I was unable to repair in due time.
Media file for model "wow_void_elf_female Modif A-R T":

The videos represent the animations of the raw models giving you the possibility to personalize your presentation.
See Michiel's comments in the article cited above.

I hope that this somewhat messy tutorial (due to lack of time) will be of benefit to you.

Good luck to all.

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Wonderful ,Alex-Raymond T.

liuyongcai, a month ago

I am deeply grateful for all your hard work, Alex-Raymond.
The tutorial is perfect. I really learned lot. Thank you so much.
I also like what you have done with the clothes. Looks way better.

Decentralized, a month ago

Thank you friends.
Here is the 3rd modified 3D model.
For those who, despite everything, cannot modify the ".glb" files, here is the complete media file:

You can customize the ".bt" file with all the properties and effects of BluffTiler as desired.

Merci les amis.
Voilà le 3e modèle 3D modifié.
Pour ceux qui, malgré tout non pas su modifier les fichiers ".glb", voici le media file complet:

Vous pouvez personnaliser à convenance le fichier ".bt' avec toutes les propriétés et effet de BluffTiler.

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Merci bien for the tutorial Alex-Raymond!

michiel, a month ago

Another fine job you did with the clothes and 3rd model, Alex-Raymond.
You are a genius. Thank you so much.

Decentralized, a month ago

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