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Virtual DarKness | 9 years ago | 7 comments | 1,800 views

would it be possible to add to bixelangelo the undo feature? As it is now if you want to draw something and you make a mistake you have to start over from the beginning.

Also I've found the text following path feature that doesn't seems to be available anymore; can I still do it in some way / how? (see link)



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The idea of Bixelangelo is to record a sketch and play it back at the exact same speed as you have drawn it. A Bixelangelo drawing not only contains shape, but also time information. This makes editing difficult because next to editing the position of the points, to do it right, you will also have to edit the time of the points (the moment the point has been added). Technically of course everything is possible, but I think having to enter a time in milliseconds everytime you add or move a point can be very annoying and I assume simply redrawing the sketch works much easier and faster. But maybe we have to do some experimenting to see how it feels. Thank you for your feature request!

You can attach a text layer to a sketch layer by choosing the menu item LAYER > ATTACH LAYER > ATTACH TEXT TO ACTIVE LAYER...

michiel, 9 years ago

Thanks. attach text to sketch layer works fine :) nice feature!

about the undo.. if you have something

1- mouse down (drawing) [4 seconds]
2- mouse up (moving the mouse pointer / "pause") [3 seconds]
3- mouse down (drawing) [2 seconds]
4- mouse up (pause while hitting undo action)

and you want to undo step 3 you should in some way have a undo "buffer" for each change of status so that when you hit undo you remove the last two steps and then you "pause" the recording until a new mouse down.

I know that this may be a big simplification as I don't know as Bixelangelo works but maybe it is of some inspiration for you ;) thanks.

Virtual DarKness, 9 years ago

(for "pause" I mean the user is not drawing.. but I'm not sure you also do record the time when user is not drawing / the time between a stroke and the next one)

Virtual DarKness, 9 years ago

What I am afraid of is that you will always be able to notice the point at which the undo button has been pressed. It's like editing an audio recording in the middle of a musical phrase, which is pretty impossible to do.

BTW, deliberately making a mistake, trying to fix it, failing at this and starting all over again makes a very nice effect. Maybe not the effect you are looking for, but perfect for a home video and guaranteed to make your audience laugh!

michiel, 9 years ago

Maybe this is true if your sketch is something like an hand written text or something more comples but I think that you try to draw a simple shape like a courve that ends with an arrow sign ">" and you make a mistake making that ">" sign it would be useufl to just undo so you keep ther rest of your drawing.. or even if you want to do this arrow and then somethink like a circle.. I mean.. like when you make a circle to mark a day in a calendar.. you may have to do it many times before you get it right the way you want it .. and I don't think that if you have an undo here would be like editing a musical phrase..

I see it as a sequence of sounds that are not linked together so you can remove one an then attach a new one to the sequence.. But maybe I'm missing something.. But keep in mind that I mean that you can only press undo while you are not drawing.


Virtual DarKness, 9 years ago

Maybe MathSketch can help drawing circles:

michiel, 9 years ago

Here you can download some MathSketch output examples:

michiel, 9 years ago

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