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stbo | 9 years ago | 3 comments | 2,170 views

First, - apologies for using article posting to ask a question - I cannot seem to attach pictures to questions.

Using the latest BT, on Win XP SP3. Tying to export single-layer show containing particles. However, the exported movies does not match the view in the BT show windows.

the view in the BT show is what I am trying to achieve but when I export the show I get the output shown below, it shows up as solid white discs, totally unlike the show

I have tried different codecs, all the different output types (software, shader, hardware etc) but they all show up the same. Any suggestions as to how I should export a particle show would be welcome. I have tried other layers and they work fine.

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2 ideas:

Are you sure HARDWARE AA: MAKE SCREENGRABS doesn't work?

Maybe you are exporting with transparency info. Try exporting without transparency.

michiel, 9 years ago


Exporting without transparency worked - thank you.

Could you explain please why this happened? Sometimes I need the transparency. Some shows I import into Vegas and so would use the transparency.

Thank you.

stbo, 9 years ago

It's about alpha compositing. For maximum quality BluffTitler does not premultiply the alpha channel. Some players (including WMP) expect premultiplied alpha or ignore the alpha channel altogether.

michiel, 9 years ago

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