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ozstar | 7 years ago | 3 comments | 1,718 views


I want to make up a video using old black'n'white Tv clips we have, but wanted a title that reflected the idea of the 50's music and era in general.

Is it too much to ask for any ideas please?



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The Nifty Fifties.
The Decade of Conformity.
The Beat Generation.
The Birth of Rock n Roll.

BillyJack, 7 years ago

All the great science fiction movie themes have been invented in the fifties:
-Invasion of the body snatchers
-The day the earth stood still
-Invaders from Mars
-Forbidden planet
-Killers from space
-The blob
-The creature from the black lagoon
-This island earth
-It came from outer space

michiel, 7 years ago

As a child of the '50's, I grew up watching American Bandstand. Several iconic moments from that show were Dick Clark introducing a song, the opening sequence, and the top ten board. And of course the theme music.

You could google for those images and sounds and maybe build a title from that.


kf_daddy, 7 years ago

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