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lesdodds | 8 years ago | 6 comments | 2,539 views

Smart Normal is a Flash 10 / AIR-driven, lightweight normalmapper supporting condensed and sobel-filters. New: PS and AFX support!

•fast and userfriendly installation thanks to adobe air
•supports drag and drop (AIR-version)
•realtime filter preview
•can invert the source image and channels
•sobel-edge, condensed and blur filter
•supports jpg, png, gif-files
•saves uncompressed jpeg-files
•is only 130kb small
•is free to use

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Nice online tool!

Would be great if it could show a 3D preview with a moving light and a bit of specularity.

michiel, 8 years ago


Could you explain how this would be helpful to normal BT users?

I didn't understand what this tool does, that would help me in making my BT shows better.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

Is the show linked below an example of how we would need this tool?

Would we take an image of a strawberry, and use the tool to create a "normalmap"/"bumpmp" from the image, and then apply it to a text layer via BumpMap.fx ??

Is that sort of scenario what we would use that tool for?

IBMedia, 8 years ago

I haven't created this tool and I haven't found any documentation, but I think it converts a height map or maybe a transparent picture into a normal map.

A normal map is a kind of a bump map that BluffTitler can render when using the BumpMap.fx effect:
1) create a new picture layer by pressing the ADD PICTURE LAYER... button (the installer comes with 3 bump maps)
2) apply the BumpMap.fx effect by pressing the CHANGE EFFECT... button.

When your filename has the text "normalmap" or "bump" in it (like for example "my_very_first_bumpmap.jpg") BluffTitler automatically loads this effect.

michiel, 8 years ago

awhile ago, Bragina, communicated on a program which I used a while.
This results are spectacular.
the book Memories Lamp animation, using texture made with this program, on the floor and walls.

maitegras, 8 years ago

Smart Normal is a Flash 10 / Adobe AIR-driven, lightweight normalmapper supporting condensed and sobel-filters and can be downloaded and used local. It can be used with any picture or texture to create normal/bumpmap that BluffTitler can render when using the BumpMap.fx, ReflectiveFloor_BumpMap.fx etc effect.

I also use the free Genetica Viewer that includes hundreds of quality seamless textures that can be rendered and used with BluffTitler as backgrounds or text textures. All Free

lesdodds, 8 years ago

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