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lampion | 15 years ago | 2 comments | 6 likes | 4,851 views

michiel, Thomasco, hgta and 1 other like this!

With BluffTitler you can even animate the randomize-parameters!
With some metalic-looking text, a few keyframes on the jumble-parameter and a nice particle-effect you've put your text is on 10.000 Volts.

Download media files (729 bytes)

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Great use of the jumble property!

Looking at the sparkles I realised that an emission of 3000 particles per second is indeed not a problem for BluffTitler when the maximum age of the individual particles is set to only 0.1 second.

Well done!

michiel, 15 years ago

The letters are shaking a bit too fast and the plasma background seems incongruous to my eyes. But I like the combination of shaking and spewing out particles to suggest the "electrifying" theme. Good job.

Thomasco, 15 years ago

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