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lampion | 15 years ago | 5 comments | 3 likes | 4,518 views

michiel, Vung Doan and james nahar like this!

Morphing 3Dtext in BluffTitler:
1) Create a static picture with an awesome 3Dtext.
2) Export as an image (make sure the picture is large enough if you want a fullscreen morphing text).
3) Create a new BT-file with this image in a picture-layer.
4) Give it the cloth-capabilities and wave it around!
5) extra challenge: set the control on "looping" and try to make your animation seamless!

Download media files (29.3 KB)

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Between steps 1 and 2 you should have set show to high quality and raised your graphic card settings to maximum quality. After the fact it is impossible to un-do the pixelization. Also, it would make more sense to export as a high-resolution image and then later the show can be downsized if needed. Starting with a low-resolution image means any raising of the show resolution results in yet additional pixelization.

Thomasco, 15 years ago

I once tried to create a similar effect by letting the shadow of a text (placed at an invisible position) fall on a waving flag. I finally got it to work, but it was too complex to be useful.

I really love your low-tech solution. It's not only a lot easier, but also looks a lot better. Great work!

michiel, 15 years ago

A fun thing to do is exporting your image as TARGA with transparency in step 2.

It's also possible to morph an animation with this show.
You can do this by selecting the menu item MEDIA / CHANGE VIDEO. By doing this you effectively turn your picture layer into a video layer and an animation is morphed instead of a static picture. Freaky!

michiel, 15 years ago

I just have a Sapphire Radeon 7000, cost around 35 euros.

Thomasco, 15 years ago

I had to keep the ZIP-file under 250 kB, otherwise it couldn't upload. And I had little time to experiment with the best result for the picture.
But you got the idea how to do the flag-effect.

lampion, 15 years ago

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