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A Dani show.

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Wow, great show.

Michiel, why not get Dani to put his Xmas intros together as a Bixpack?

IBMedia, 7 years ago

Dani, it seems only a fw short weeks since you first appeared on the BT gallery, but you've created some absolute masterpieces, and raised the standard of the gallery massively.

You are a true BT master!

IBMedia, 7 years ago


Bixpack required !

Don't give us the fish teach us how to fish !

snafu, 7 years ago

Great performances, Dani.

liuyongcai, 7 years ago

Fantastic show my Friend!!:))

LostBoyz, 7 years ago

Very nice!

I realize you can't post the show files in this gallery because of copyrights.

And it's pity we can't publish your work as BixPacks for the same reason.

But what you can do is to let us know the sites where you have bought all the wonderful pictures and 3D models you are using.

This way we can buy them as well and use them in our own shows!

I mean a simple link like this:

michiel, 7 years ago

Thank you IBMedia,snafu,liuyongcai,L.B and Michiel.
Hi Michiel, i always respect gallery rules, i used textures of Bix pack 6 and 11 and textures and cm and other artists shared textures in gallery and some free downloaded from gallery and pictures i used for Christmas i will give the link details if any shows of mine against to gallery rules tell me i will remove the show, ( if needed all shows of mine) because i respect the gallery rules. models i downloaded from blender swap, google sketchup and other free 3d models sites. for textures i downloaded from

BIXPACK: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL TO CREATE A BIXPACK i am a ordinary BLUFFTITLER artist. But BLUFFTITLE power made me to create all my shows. Thank you , GOD BLESS YOU.

Dani, 7 years ago


Dani, 7 years ago


Dani, 7 years ago


Dani, 7 years ago

Those are some fantastic resources, Dani. Thanks for sharing them.

IBMedia, 7 years ago

Thank you Dani for the links.

Much appreciated!

michiel, 7 years ago

gracias dani por compartir tus herramientas de este show asi otros usuarios podemos aprender y seguir tus pasos , excellent my friend, saludos desde peru

julio solano, 7 years ago

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