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tayla | 7 years ago | 12 comments | 2,295 views

Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a show for New Years Eve and I'm looking for help to try and get the flares to sweep around the clock tower with "wisps" of smoke type effect, in fact anything you would care to suggest.

This is what I've done so far....

Made transparent the background that was with the tower...

Made clock face transparent...

From another video file I have filtered out and used the clock movement,
which actually moves in real time from five to twelve until midnight and is placed behind the clock tower png file.

I had thought about a twinkling star background with the occasional "Happy New Year" balloons drifting up over the screen and then adding a BT countdown for the last 10 seconds to midnight.

But what I'd really like to add is something similar to the flare effect seen in Dani's "BEB by Plessey edit point show" with about four or five of these appearing to sweep around the clock and tower.

Hoping someone can take up the challenge.

Oh, and any instructions please remember your talking to a monkee, lol.


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Just to add, I've just seen a better example in the tutorial section of the type of flare that would look great in a multi coloured ringed format and that is the flare in Danni's "Wings" show.

Thanks again.


tayla, 7 years ago

You mention 2 gallery shows by Dani. Best place to ask a question about an effect used in a gallery article is the comment form at the bottom of that article.

The artist (Dani) automatically receives a notification e-mail so it's no problem if the article is old.

michiel, 7 years ago

Thanks, I've basically hunted the web down for help and accidently stumbled across an article which pointed me in the right direction,

Have got very close to what I want but can't get the effect to rotate to the horizontal to wrap around the clock tower.



tayla, 7 years ago

Hi Dani, thanks for taking an interest, your shows are amazing!

This is just a twenty second snippet of the full video which lasts five minutes, you can't quite see it but the clock arms actually move in real time (I chopped the face out of another video I have). My name tag will be removed on completed project.

I'm 90% happy with what I have done but would have liked to have some type of effect going round the clock tower, but just can't work out how to do it.

The other things I would have liked are....

A flare type running around the outline of the tower in single alternating colours.

A countdown led clock in the top right hand corner counting down from five minutes to twelve until zero hour.

And finally the occasional firework going off at the sides of tower, the ones I've looked at always look a bit lame or the transparency background shines through.

Thanks for any help you can give .


P.S. Quality of video does look better outside of YouTube, lol.

tayla, 7 years ago

Sorry Dani, if it helps I can send you the full show if you need it.


tayla, 7 years ago

Ooops, where's Dani's post gone... lol

tayla, 7 years ago

Hi tayla, i can help you , the shows you mentioned.

Dani, 7 years ago

Great, how do you want to proceed.

I'd like to get the flares sorted first, what files do I need and where do I get them and then where do I install is probably the first thing to do.


tayla, 7 years ago

I will send you test show, reply me through, mail my email is


Dani, 7 years ago

flare help

Dani, 7 years ago

Thank you.

tayla, 7 years ago

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