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michiel | 9 years ago | 2 comments | 8 likes | 7,852 views

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Here is a simple show that can be used to experiment with the flare effect. All 4 flares use the flare16.jpg texture that comes with the installer.

The upper left flare uses the standard NotLightened_Additive.fx effect. The 3 others use the new flare.fx effect.

The upper right flare has a red colour (as set with the COLOUR property) and a white highlight (as set with the FX HIGHLIGHT COLOUR property). The size of the highlight has been finetuned to 0.35 with the FX HIGHLIGHT SIZE property.

The lower right flare flickers by setting the FX FLICKER PERIOD prop to 0.5.

The lower left flare has a TEXTURE REPEAT prop of (3,0) and a SIZE of (1,0.3,1). The flares walk to the right by setting the FX SPEED prop to (1,0).

You can use the flare.fx effect with any layer, but it works best with the picture and particle layers. Particles of the particle layer always face the camera. The flare.fx effect has a FX ROTATE TOWARDS THE CAMERA property to make picture layers behave the same. This automates the process of keeping the flare facing towards the camera when rotating the camera.

Both the NotLightened_Additive.fx and the flare.fx effects display always both sides of the picture, so to prevent overexposure I have used the SINGLE SIDED style (as set with the 3rd dropdown below the textbox)

Of course all props and effects can used at the same time as well as animated.

Have fun!

Download media files (23.6 KB)

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Thank you very much Michiel
The effect has a flare.fx FX TO ROTATE CAMERA property to image layers behave the same. This automates the process of keeping the flame in front of the camera to rotate the camera. Both effects flare.fx NotLightened_Additive.fx and always show both sides of the image
very good
Thank you very much :)

Carlos Marques, 9 years ago

Very nice!!

Thanks a lot for this one, it adds the kind of effects I was looking for! :)

Will this one be included in the next official release / update?

Virtual DarKness, 9 years ago

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