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michiel | 6 years ago | 10 comments | 8 likes | 2,434 views

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Latest version of the Bixorama 360° HTML5 player now supports device rotation and orientation tracking on your phones and tablets.

This means that it rotates when you rotate and automatically corrects when the screen switches from landscape to portrait.

On touchscreens it also supports swiping and of course on your desktop you can click and drag with your mouse.

Pictures and videos are supported in all major browsers including IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

At this moment, September 2016, YouTube and Vimeo, the biggest video sharing sites on this planet, do not support device rotation and orientation tracking on their websites. YouTube only supports it in their iOS and Android apps and Vimeo does not support 360° at all. Bixorama does it all in your browser!

Exporting your 360° photo to HTML in Bixorama is as easy as choosing FILE > EXPORT 360° PHOTO > HTML... This generates all the pictures, HTML, CSS and Javascript ready for upload to your site or for local playback: simply double click on the HTML file.

Letting the same code play your 360° videos is as easy as changing the photo URL in the HTML file to a video file.

Here's a demo for you to play around with:

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For more info visit the Bixorama page:

michiel, 6 years ago

Here's a nice overview of 360° cameras:

michiel, 6 years ago

I never had a lot of use for 360 photos, since I don't have a 360 camera, but they were always fun to look at. I just used your tips to take the "New VR 360˚ export test" video you first posted, and made my own html output with it to view locally via FireFox. AMAZING!

By the way, I primarily use FireFox which had ZERO problems, IE v11 defaulted and first opened the file, only to bring up a green screen behind the "Bixorama 360 Player" box. That was after I accepted ActiveX on the page. Again, it doesn't matter to me since I primarily use FireFox, but wanted you to know. If you have questions about my config, just ask.

Now, while eagerly awaiting the release of BT v13, I just purchased Bixorama to be ready to produce my own VR 360 demos!

Thanks Michiel, for another outstanding product, and for all you do to keep updating what you have!

amiga, 6 years ago


Is there a way to hide the Bixorama 360 Player" box that is overlayed on top of the html export player when viewed from a browser?

Thanks again!

amiga, 6 years ago

Never mind... I should have looked more closely at the html file before asking. Problem solved.

BTW, another "feature" your player has over YouTube is the ability to scroll completely around vertically. YouTube stops at the absolute top or bottom of the scene, but Bixorama player loops all the way around, at least in FireFox!


amiga, 6 years ago

Thank you amiga!

The pitch without limits is something kids like because it allows them to make loops :)

I'm puzzled about your IE11 remark because I'm testing it right now and it works flawlessly. It's 11.0.34 to be more precise. Have you already tried the low res version? The green screen happens when your browser runs out of video memory.

michiel, 6 years ago

Well, I should have tried the demo's on IE first... They worked fine, both hi and lo res versions. I only got the green screen when I created my own local HTML export and changing the "*.jpg" to point to the "New VR 360˚ export test" video you first posted (*.mp4).

I imagine you are right about the memory, but Firefox handles the same video in full 360 just fine! It also has another feature I like, and that is automatic replay. I haven't looked in the code yet to see if that is an option to possibly turn off (if anyone wanted it), but I like to keep going. The water layer is mesmerizing!

Next question, is there a way to natively handle sounds that go along with the video?

Also, any hints on a release date for v13?

Thanks again!

amiga, 6 years ago

It can be a security issue. Chrome does not accept local video files, but has no problems with a video file on a server.

A codec issue is also possible. MP4 files generated directly from BluffTitler work fine in IE11.

To control looping, search for this line in bixorama.js:
Bixorama_video.loop = true;

For audio you can use the HTML5 audio tag.

Beta testing BluffTitler V13 goes very well. Testers still find issues, but they are easy to fix. I'm hoping for a release within a month!

michiel, 6 years ago

Dear Michiel,
are you working with BluffTitler V13 to export 360° video panorama Bixorama?

SamSaam, 6 years ago

The answer is yes. V13 will feature VR 360° export.

Here's a test video:

michiel, 6 years ago

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