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michiel | 13 years ago | 18 comments | 6 likes | 10,791 views

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Here's a show that demonstrates how you can build a cube with 6 picture layers.

By attaching all pictures to the same container layer you can animate the cube as a whole by animating the container layer.

Not as easy as using the CUBE mode of the picture layer (1st dropdown below the text box), but a lot more flexible.

Download media files (191.1 KB)

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Nifty - now we just need 6 different pictures :)

Per, 13 years ago

I would appreciate if you send me a message, of how to make this example step by step.
I tried to make one by myself and it's been impossible, I don't know what are doing wrong.
Sorry for my ignorance.

snafu, 13 years ago

A cube has 6 faces. This show builds a cube out of 6 picture layers. To animate those 6 picture layers as a whole, they have been attached to the same container layer.

To create a container layer, choose LAYER / ADD LAYER / ADD CONTAINER LAYER

After that, you can attach a picture layer to the container layer by choosing LAYER / ATTACH LAYER / ATTACH PICTURE TO ACTIVE LAYER

You have to do that 6 times: for all 6 faces of the cube.

All 6 faces are the same, except they have a different position and rotation:

1 left: position(-126,0,0), rotation(90,0,0)
2 back: position(0,0,126) rotation(180,0,0)
3 top: position(0,126,0) rotation(0,90,0)
4 bottom: position (0,-126,0) rotation(0,-90,0)
5 right: position (126,0,0) rotation(-90,0,0)
6 front: position(0,0,-126) rotation(0,0,0)

As stated above this is not easy. It is not meant to be easy. It is only meant to show that you can build a cube out of 6 picture layers.

There's a much, much easier way to create a cube and that is by using the CUBE effect of the picture layer. Here's a show that demonstrates this:

michiel, 13 years ago

Thanks for your help, Michiel.
I have got some results with your instructions, but I have to work on it.
The problem is that I'm trying to get a floating cube with 6 different pictures, although I don't understand the code of your example.
Where are those commands "Left+" or "Right+" etc..?

snafu, 13 years ago

You can give layers a name by choosing the menu item LAYER / ACTIVE LAYER PROPERTIES....

This way you can name your picture layers "left", "right",....

michiel, 13 years ago

Thanks again Michiel !

snafu, 13 years ago

Michiel, you have saved me an enormous amount of time for the cube aspect...cannot thank you enough.


dgk, 12 years ago

But in a cube layer the different sides can't come apart, right?

Per, 12 years ago


michiel, 12 years ago

Btw, did you find 126 by trial and error, or is there some sort of logical formula for that?

Per, 11 years ago

The picture layer turns every picture, no matter its resolution, into an object with a height of 125. This is an arbitrary number.

So the correct value is 125 and not 126.

michiel, 11 years ago

But you wrote 126 was that to account for the border?

Also, I tried with large pictures and then it doesn't line up, but the pictures extend into each other - so it must be different than 125?

Per, 11 years ago

Maybe your pictures are not square.

michiel, 11 years ago

sigh, no they are not square.
But just to make me understand this, are you saying regardless of size it will always 125?

And why did you enter 126 i your example above, and in the BT source code?

Per, 11 years ago

Yes. The picture layer turns every picture, no matter its resolution, into an object with a height of 125.

I don't think I entered any number. I simply dragged the slider (or the mouse in the render window) until it looked good.

michiel, 11 years ago

I am confused by your replies, but thanks.

Per, 11 years ago

I must admit. I'm new at this.
6 different pic's would be cool.
I would be happy to find out how to change the picture.

Frictionator, 10 years ago

You can change the picture by clicking the CHANGE TEXTURE... button.

This article explains it all:

michiel, 10 years ago

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