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michiel | 10 years ago | 4 comments | 3,410 views

For BluffTitler it makes no difference if your texture is:
-a static picture like a PNG, BMP or JPG file
-an animated GIF
-a video like a WMV, AVI or MPG file
-the output of your webcam
-the output of your TV card

In every layer you can change the texture in the F9 dialog. In this dialog your can find:
-a SELECT TEXTURE button to select a picture or video file
-a USE WEBCAM button to make the active layer display the output of your webcam or TV card

This way you can, for example:
-put an animated gif onto your text layer
-make your picture layer display a video file
-texture your model layer with live video from your webcam

The F9 dialog is the most important dialog of the application. It is also displayed when you press F8, choose the menu item MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... or MEDIA > CHANGE TEXTURE....

In the very same dialog you can also select the effect file (an .FX file). For the effect it makes no difference if it is applied to a static picture, a video file or a webcam. For example the greenscreen effect can be applied as easily to a picture as to a video file or live video from your webcam.

Many combinations are possible. Feel free to experiment. How about applying a reflectionmap effect to a video file used by a text layer?

And if you discover a cool new effect, don't forget to show it to your friends in this gallery!

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In the F9 dialog you can also enter the texture as an URL. This way you can use online content.

Create a new picture layer, press F9 and copy-paste the following in the URL field:

michiel, 10 years ago

Nice tips for us blufftitler challenged, thx Michiel!

brntguy, 10 years ago

Thanks michiel

Eddie, 10 years ago

Thanks Michiel how cool is that!

pugsly, 8 years ago

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Michiel den Outer is the founder and lead coder of Outerspace Software. He lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

If he isn't busy improving BluffTitler, he is playing the piano or rides the Dutch dikes on his bikes.

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