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BixPack 46 explores the power of character animation for intro video design.


Toby is our new robotic friend and the hero of BixPack 46!


All the texts are rendered with text layers.

Choose EDIT > CHANGE ALL TEXTS... to change the texts.

Easy to personalize

Toby uses only a single colour map, so changing the face, the logo and the colours is easy!

Here's the process:
1) Edit BixPack46/Textures/Robot_ColourMap.png in a paint app
2) Save under another name
3) Select the model layer using the Toby model
4) Choose MEDIA > CHANGE TEXTURE... and place your own colour map in the 1st texture slot


The Toby model features 15 built-in animations designed for intro video design: picking up texts, dragging texts, jumping on texts, jumping off texts,...

Use the ANIMATION prop of the model layer to select an animation:

Morph targets

The colour map contains 4 faces and 4 logos. Use the MX FACE TEXTURE and MX LOGO TEXTURE props to switch.


Toby is fully Mixamo compatible. The joints use the same names and orientations. This way you can easily import motion capture animations!

Here's how to do it:
1) Download an animated model from
2) Convert from FBX to GLB with Windows 3D Viewer
3) Select the model layer using the Toby model

Robot generator

Toby has been designed, animated and exported as GLB in our own robot designer tool. Currently this is an in-house tool but maybe it may later become available for public use. The GLB exporter could also be used to export a BluffTitler show as a GLB file!

More info

For more info and a nice introduction discount visit the BixPack page:


Thank you all for making this new BixPack possible. Have fun playing with our new robotic friend!

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Great .Thank you Michiel

chaver, 3 months ago

Molto bello. Già scaricato.
Con Bixpack 46 credo che mi divertirò molto.

nonnogio, 3 months ago

Great . Michie

liuyongcai, 3 months ago

Great. Can't wait to try it.

Filip, 3 months ago

The model Tobi is cool.looking. Great atmosphere and animations. Great directing. Will purchase this bixpack.

Kauzito, 3 months ago

Toby is fully Mixamo compatible. The joints use the same names and orientations. This way you can easily import motion capture animations!
Thank you Michiel for bringing us new friends!
You can use the models linked below to change Toby's animation

shoji M, 3 months ago

Fantastic work Michiel. Toby looks great

vincent, 3 months ago

Great addition to the BixPack libraries.

lightads, 3 months ago

What an awesome BP! I love Toby!

Ulli, 3 months ago

Awesome pack!I love Toby!

LostBoyz, 3 months ago

Wonderful !!

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

Wow, Michiel. Fantastic!

Decentralized, 3 months ago

But is the logo on Toby with a feet and the bee a "Rebus"?
Or does it have a particular meaning?

This animation package is very nice and highly customizable.

I created a review-tutorial and after 20 seconds a friend wrote to me in the comments
that the package is so nice that he bought it immediately!!

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

Thank you all!

Franco, it's not a foot but a toe. So 👣🐝 reads as Toe Bee, or Toby 😁

michiel, 3 months ago

Toby or not Toby that is the question

vincent, 3 months ago

Thank you Michiel

👣 🐝

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

What else can we do with this BixPack?
Is it possible to change the Toebee robot with other GBL models?

lightads, 3 months ago

Lightads, nothing stops you from using other robots. BluffTitler fully supports the GLB format so it can render all GLB models you can find:

Here are 3 reasons why Toby works great for intro videos:

1) Instead of 10 small fingers, Toby has has 2 big grabbers. This makes it easier to pick up and hold big texts.

2) The 15 built-in animations are designed for presenting texts. For example it has a walk animation that stops walking. This is important because you want to give your viewers the time to comfortably read the text.

3) Toby has a neutral design that does not distract from the text. Remember that the text is the most important element of your intro because that's the message you want to communicate.

Oh, and the font (Montserrat) has been selected to match Toby. Both have the same round shapes. And to perfect the match they use the same colours, glow and stroke!

michiel, 3 months ago

Hermoso bixpack ❤

gato@mo, 2 months ago

shoji M, thanks for the downloads. The boy with the glasses with the 25 animations is great.
With a few adjustments you can get them to work on Toby, just want to say thank you.

Decentralized, 2 months ago

Un nouveau super Bixpack ! avec plein d'astuces ! Merci Michiel.
Prévoir un exportateur GLB pour les shows BT est une idée de Génie !!! J'attends avec impatience...

Alex-Raymond T., 2 months ago

Interesting! I like the idea of integrating the Robot Generator to create projects in GLB. Without a doubt, it would be a necessary and very useful application. Let us wait with pleasure and patience.

Omer, 2 months ago

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