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When you create a new model layer and press F2 you see something that looks like the upper left screenshot.

Choose LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD MODEL LAYER to create a new model layer.

This example uses the 3D model Bix.x that comes with the installer (you can find it in the BluffTitler/Media/Models folder)

The position and rotation of the model is visualized by the red, green and blue arrows. You can show hide this coordinate system by pressing F2.

When you set the ROTATION property of the model layer to (0,0,90) you see something like the upper right screenshot. You can see that the model is rotated around its centre.

When you touch the ROTATION CENTRE property a 2nd, smaller coordinate system with cyan, magenta and yellow arrows becomes visible. This is the rotation centre.

When you place the rotation centre at Bix's feet and set the ROTATION property to (0,0,90) you see that Bix is now rotated around its feet!

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