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michiel | a week ago | 17 comments | 10 likes | 515 views

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Here are the release notes for version, launched today.

The MEDIA > Change model... dialog has 3 new checkboxes: TRANSLATION, ROTATION and SCALE. This controls which aspects of the animation are imported. By default only the ROTATION is marked, which gives the best results. Older shows stay compatible and have all 3 marked.

Joints are matched by name, so this only works when the joints have the same name. But BluffTitler is smart enough to match, for example, mixamorig:RightHandPinky3_053 with mixamorig:RightHandPinky3.

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The animation names are now printed in the <F1> help window when the ANIMATION prop is selected in the model layer. Not all model designers take the time to enter descriptive names, but when they do it helps finding the right anim!

michiel, a week ago

And the joint names are printed in the <F1> help dialog when the MODEL JOINT prop is selected in the container layer. Joints can be selected by double clicking on them with the <Ctrl> key pressed, but this list also helps.

michiel, a week ago

Version is now available from the download page.

Thank you all for your feedback!

michiel, a week ago

These F1 panels are very useful, thank you.

vincent, a week ago

thank you.michiel,

liuyongcai, a week ago

Thank you Michiel

chaver, a week ago

Oh great new and useful info, great Michiel, love it!

Filip, a week ago

Very cool. This helps a lot. Thank you.

Decentralized, a week ago

Thank you all!

Here's an example what can happen when you import an animation and mark the TRANSLATION and ROTATION checkboxes.

Looks interesting, but only importing the rotations gives a more realistic result.

michiel, a week ago

Michiel looks interesting but I don't know what exactly can do with these checkboxes.

Does it work on the same model or is it a translation between different models???

Filip, a week ago

Those checkboxes are used when you import a 3D model animation into another 3D model. Both models can be set in this dialog. This only works when the joints have the same names.

michiel, a week ago

That's a pretty wild result, Michiel, I want to try it,lol

Decentralized, a week ago

A good thing about being able to switch animations is that it works on all models animated with mixamo. So you don't need a ton of the same model doing various movements. You just need a ton of one doing them all. And snatch it's animations for the others.

Decentralized, a week ago

Just downloaded 16.4 and have noticed that one of my favorite options (GIF) is not available
along with three other options. Any ideas please.

SMSgtRod, a week ago

Hi SMSgtRod
Make sure you have FFmpeg encoder installed.
Instructions and download link here:

Decentralized, a week ago

Thank you Decentralized,
I thought that was installed a few versions ago....LOL
Thanks again

SMSgtRod, a week ago

merci Michiel.

Rorysee, 4 days ago

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