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michiel | 13 years ago | 4 comments | 3 likes | 5,347 views

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This is a variant of the Meltdown effect. In this version the picture melts in all directions.

Thanks for Jaymac42 for the idea!

System requirements are pretty high: this effect requires a graphics card that supports pixel shader 3.0. As always you can find out if your hardware is up to the task by pressing F9 after selecting the effect with the CHANGE EFFECT button.

Download media files (1.2 KB)

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Erneut hat "unser" BT wieder
neue Effekte gezaubert!

carlo, 13 years ago


This is truly exotic, more than I intended! What I was trying to describe was the ability to melt in a given direction. The original Meltdown Effect drips down, or 270 degrees in polar coordinates. I was hoping to be able to melt in any specific direction, say to the left or 180 degrees. And given the sine-like character of the deformed object, Id like to be able to adjust its amplitude and period as well. Keyframing these parameters would really produce some wild effects!

Cheers, jaymac42

jaymac42, 13 years ago

Amazing effect

babdi, 13 years ago

Jaymac, you can control the amplitude and period with the FX MELTDOWN PATTERN property. And you can control the meltdown direction by rotating the whole picture with the 3th slider of the ROTATION property. If you want you can pre-rotate the picture in a paint program the other way round so that the image itself doesn't look rotated.

michiel, 13 years ago

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