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michiel | a year ago | 19 comments | 14 likes | 1,738 views

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The theme of BixPack 24 is vlog intros.

Clean style

BixPack 24 offers 30 (+10 bonus!) intros in a clean, modern web design style.


The templates are, compared to the other packs, relatively simple so it's easy to adjust them to your needs: not only change the texts and photos but also change the colours, fonts and add your own layers!


The Vlog Intros pack is the first pack to exploit the possibilities of emoji characters. Emoji have proven to be a very simple, fun and effective way to spice up your intros! The emoji characters require Windows 10, but can easily be replaced by ordinary characters on older systems.

Introduction discount

Click on the screenshot for more info and a nice introduction discount.

Thank you all! Enjoy the new templates! 😀😍👍

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And yes, BluffTitler 13.6 equals We needed a round number for this new BixPack:

michiel, a year ago

Wow, Speed and nice shows.
Great Bixpack pack.... :-)

Filip, a year ago

Wonderful!!! pack....emoji s are looking great...nice effects,movements...a must have pack...
Good job by Carlos and Ernst Hulshoff...

Dani, a year ago

muy bien se espectacular

persiana, a year ago

Great movements, simple and clean colors
and so many things to explore and learn!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

I have secured my copy!!

SMSgtRod, a year ago

Great BixPack and I like the clean style!

Ulli, a year ago

Nice BixPack Michiel. I just downloaded it and will be having fun with it I'm sure. I had to relearn how to insert EMOJI's.
BTW, anyone know how to create personal EMOJI's or know where to find an EMOJI that looks like the Facebook and Twitter symbols, or any of the other social media platforms?

MrGruntHunter, a year ago


you can use a png file and replace an emoji

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Thank you all very much!

michiel, a year ago

Good work and wonderful

Sma, a year ago

Franco, I was looking at inserting the 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' symbols in a line of text. I downloaded some *.png files and tried to Copy & Paste in the line of text but of course that won't let me. I'd like to see it I can turn those *.png files into an EMOJI to insert into text.

MrGruntHunter, a year ago

Replacing an emoji character by your own picture is as easy as right clicking on an emoji in the MEDIA > Change text... dialog.

This is a global setting: it is not template-able and you do not have to do this every time you make a new show.

Dani, a year ago

All info by Michiel

Dani, a year ago

Hey, pretty cool Dani. So basically you find an EMOJI that you thing you'll never use and then change that image and save it?

MrGruntHunter, a year ago

Michiel, does the pack fully compatible with Windows 7 ?

vincent, a year ago

Vincent, the emoji characters require Windows 10, but can easily be replaced by ordinary characters on older systems:

michiel, a year ago

Had to buy this on perfect for all the BlogTalk Radio promos.
Hey Michiel what do you think about a BixPack of just Models?
A Nature BixPack
A Car BixPack
A Machinery BixPack ect..

johnsolar283, a year ago

Thank you johnsolar283!

BixPack offers ready to use video templates. There are already many sites that offer models only, like for example:

More links to 3D model stock sites can be found in the user guide:

michiel, a year ago

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