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michiel | 16 years ago | 12 comments | 11 likes | 10,772 views

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Most producers think that a creditroll can't be anything but a 2D scroller. Of course this can easily be done in BluffTitler, but if you want to have some fun, here's an alternative.

Download media files (2 KB)

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Keeps saying "Invalid zip file" ... I tried downloading it twice in case.

I think something might be up.

Mr_West, 16 years ago

What browser are you using?

And what is the size of the zip file you downloaded?

michiel, 16 years ago

Same problem here, I am using IE6 and the file was only 3KB which is suspect in itself

alanMAC, 16 years ago

Download problems should be fixed now.

michiel, 16 years ago

I'm a bit confused as to what an article is. thought there would be and explanation as to how it was done. Perhaps I'm missing something.

granpa, 16 years ago

Nice idea using a fairly easy technique in BT. Thanks.

brido, 16 years ago

The question is where is the article? To me an article is something you read as in a newspaper or magazine. Al l I see is the anim that is very good but I expected an explanation of some sort. As I said I must have done something wrong. My first time on the forum.

granpa, 16 years ago

How does one make use of this show (i.e. change the text) or any other text?

Zev, 14 years ago

The names are stored in the file credits.xml. Open this file in Notepad to edit.

michiel, 14 years ago

Make sure both layer 4 and layer 5 are pointing to the right XML file. You can set the path in the text box.

Here's the documentation for the XML files:

michiel, 14 years ago

I figured out how to change the names but I can't seem to figure out how to change the functions or titles for the people.


max2000, 14 years ago

Make sure both layer 4 and layer 5 are pointing to the same XML file. You can set the path in the text box.

michiel, 14 years ago

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