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michiel | 2 months ago | 12 comments | 11 likes | 367 views

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Here's my solution to Filip's spring challenge:

No need to use the new Arrows or Spaghetti tool when you want to make springs. Instead use the TURN element in the WINDOW > ELEMENT tool and animate the ITALIC prop.

I've attached the show files for you to play around with.

Download media files (13.2 KB)

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Here's how it looks like in Bixelangelo.

-flag the menu item WINDOW > ELEMENT
-select the TURN element
-Set the ANGLE to 2520 (this is 7 x 360, but any other high number will do)
-Set the RADIUS to 30 (this can be adjusted afterwards in BluffTitler with the PEN SIZE prop of the sketch layer)
-Set the height to something like 100
-Set the SLANT to 0 (we are not riding the spring as a roller coaster so no need for this)

michiel, 2 months ago

Great .Thank you for sharing your smart solution Michiel

chaver, 2 months ago

Thanks Michiel.
Change the key property to damper. It's how a spring would behave.

lightads, 2 months ago

Thanks, the great Michelle

liuyongcai, 2 months ago

OMG, the springs actually spring. Well done, Michiel.
And thanks for the download and knowledge.

Decentralized, 2 months ago

Very cool thank you!

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

Great. Thank you!

shoji M, 2 months ago

Thank you all!

Lightads, switching to DAMPER (layers 6, 7, 8 and 9) is an excellent improvement!

michiel, 2 months ago

Michiel thnx.

Filip, 2 months ago

Awesome! Thank you so much, Michiel!

Ulli, 2 months ago

C'est trop bien, merci Michiel !

Alex-Raymond T., 2 months ago

Works very well ...

Dani, 2 months ago

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