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michiel | 6 years ago | 9 comments | 16 likes | 2,284 views

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This new video shows a few new V13 features including the water later, the waving flag layer and VR 360° export. I also shows some all time favorites like explosions, particles and bevels!

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Here's the full playlist + download locations:

0:00 Intro

Uses the Filters\Distortion effect applied to the camera layer to simulate encoder/decoder bugs and connection errors
Based on Camera\ from the installer

0:08 Explosion

Uses the particle layer to explode your text
Based on Particle\ from the installer

0:17 Bevels

BluffTitler does not only extrude your TrueType fonts, but als adds bevels!
Based on Text\ from the installer

0:33 Particles

Uses the particle layer to resolve particles into a picture and dissolves a picture into particles
Based on Particle\ from the installer

0:48 Sunset

Making your text layers float in the water is as easy as marking the LAYER > FLOAT IN WATER menu item
Based on Water\ from the installer

1:00 Waving flag

Uses the new Waving flag layer to render the Dutch flag at a beach at island Terschelling
Based on WavingFlag\ from the installer

1:17 Let's hang out

Uses the Waving flag layer to render 2 shirts
Based on WavingFlag\ from the installer

1:33 Skybox

Uses the skybox layer to render a 360° photo in the background and a cubemap layer to use this background as a reflectionmap
Based on Cubemap\ from the installer

1:50 VR 360°

Demonstrates how you can use the VR 360° layer to export your show in the equirectangular format as used in VR movies
Based on VR360\ from the installer

2:01 Blobs

Uses the blobs (metaballs) style of the particle layer
Based on Particle\ from the installer

2:17 Vegetation

Uses the Special\Vegetation effect to make the grass wave in the wind
Based on Landscape\ from the installer

2:32 Sound systems

Based on template 1 of BixPack 15:

2:48 Outro

Uses a scroller layer on top of a mirror layer
Based on Shows\Text\ from the installer

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Buy Blufftitler because it gives life to your imaginations....... everything possible with this, i am one of the example.

Dani, 6 years ago

extraordinario video y explicaciones demostrando lo que puede hacer Blufftitler

persiana, 6 years ago

Real nice

johnsolar283, 6 years ago

Nothing is impossible with BT!!

Ulli, 6 years ago

Great reasons to use BT!

Filip, 6 years ago

Exelent resolutions when export images in 4k, 2k, 1980*920, 1280*720, etc

gato@mo, 6 years ago

great video, shows the wonderful updates and features. =)

Carlos Marques, 6 years ago

Okay. I'm sold, Michiel! I'll buy it.


I've already purchased it... and upgraded it... and purchased numerous BixPacks to boot. It is a fantastic product and worth every cent.

Thanks for a spectacular product.

eugene57, 6 years ago

Thank you eugene57!

michiel, 6 years ago

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