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michiel | 10 months ago | 9 comments | 9 likes | 651 views

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Here's an example project with 2 shows, a playlist and dynamic content.

Graphically nothing fancy, but maybe it helps understanding dynamic content and structuring your work.

It contains 6 files:
1 MattheusPassion.btpl: the playlist
2 MattheusPassion.xml: the data file containing the credit texts
3 the main show
4 MattheusPassion_credits.png: the thumbnail of the main show
5 the intro show
6 MattheusPassion_intro.png: the thumbnail of the intro show

How to play the playlist

-start BluffTitler
-choose the menu item PLAYLIST > Open playlist... and select the .btpl file
-click on the PLAY button

How to play a show

-start BluffTitler
-choose the menu item FILE > Open show... and select one of the .bt files
-click on the PLAY button

Dynamic content

More info about dynamic content:

I want to stress that, although dynamic content is super powerful, it is not necessary in any way for 99.99% of the projects. Please do not get frustrated by XML files if you are not a coder.

Download media files (19.2 KB)

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Thnx Michiel.

Filip, 10 months ago

Very very interesting. I will try to understand and reproduce
Thank you very much Michiel.

Alex-Raymond T., 10 months ago

Thanks a lot Michiel bro...

jerryhassell, 10 months ago

Thank you Michiel

chaver, 10 months ago

Thank you Michiel, I'll try it soon. Awaiting the know-how for built-in models.

Eddy, 10 months ago

great! michiel is great!

liuyongcai, 10 months ago

Thanks a lot, Michiel.

Ulli, 10 months ago

Posts like these always get my attention. I can imagine BT as a very powerful dynamic content player one day, perhaps allowing for key frame behaviors for each layer or text that would allow for more dynamic abilities in a single show. Pause / hold / continue/ loop functions and also cycle through xml data on an individual text layer at certain key frames. My mind goes wild thinking of the ideas and possibilities for BT to be the best realtime data driven 3D graphics signage system ever. Keep up the awesome work Michiel!!

kugo, 7 months ago

Kugo, all you have to do is to write a script that generates the XML file. BluffTitler happily renders it all for you. A basic web form is enough for simple projects. Any web coder can do that. And yes, digital signage companies are already using BluffTitler this way.

michiel, 7 months ago

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