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michiel | 2 weeks ago | 36 comments | 15 likes | 1,200 views

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Bixelangelo 5.3 introduces the arrows tool. Render your texts and logos in a 3D graffiti/street art arrows style!

The tool takes a transparent PNG file as input and outputs a collection of EPS files for use in the sketch layer of BluffTitler. It also generates a BluffTitler show file to get you started!

User guide

The user guide has been updated:

Bixelangelo 5.3

Bixelangelo 5.3 is a fee upgrade. For new users we currently offer a 20% discount:


Have fun playing with the arrows. Looking forward to see what you can do with this new tool!

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Watch Franco's review!

michiel, 2 weeks ago

Wow looks like the early Bixelangelo, but it's better (3d) and a lot easier. Thnx Michiel. Great tutorial video Franco.

You can change the arrow part but the tool has 2 choises. The choices dont include 3d models but you can add them:
Select the Arrow shaft (nr) and select a 3d model.
"Would you like to attach....... YES NO" choose Yes.
Position the 3d Model

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Very cool. I love it! Thank you times a million. 🥰

Decentralized, 2 weeks ago

Nice work Decentralized

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Thx, Filip

Decentralized, 2 weeks ago

Nice work

liuyongcai, 2 weeks ago

Again a great tool, thank you michiel and congrats to all.

I am taking advantage of this post to ask if it will be possible later to create a tool to generate lightnings that can be animated with the WRITE property.

vincent, 2 weeks ago

This is a great new feature Michael. Gives much food for thought for my next intro. Cheers John

Pioneer, 2 weeks ago

Great.Thank you very much Michiel

chaver, 2 weeks ago

Thank you for great tutorial Franco

chaver, 2 weeks ago

Thank you for this new feature and the tutorials!

Alex-Raymond T., 2 weeks ago

Another awesome tool! Thank you very much, Michiel!

Ulli, 2 weeks ago

Were you able to understand anything with my terrible English? 😅
...or I was more understandable in Italian with subtitles 🤣🤣🤣

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

I had to turn on the subtitles even though it was in English,lol
Just wanted to make sure I understood your prefect instructions, Thank you Franco

Decentralized, 2 weeks ago

Maybe because i'm french I understand Italian-style English better than academic English.

vincent, 2 weeks ago

😉 You are too kind, thank you.

However, this new ARROWS tool has a lot of potential in my opinion.

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

Franco you are to modest. Your english is perfect, with a funny accent!

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Thank you Filip. After listening to me again it's easier to hear the mistakes, for example the final "S" are difficult for me to pronounce and with many words the tongue gets tangled.
I will do more training for any future tutorials.

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

Franco, sure, AI can do the job for you !

vincent, 2 weeks ago

Yes Vincent but I didn't like a synthetic voice, I used it many times.

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

Great job.
My question is how to use this function to draw custom arrows with custom shapes and angles.
For example, draw an animated straight arrow or a circle arrow, ...

Jeep35, 2 weeks ago

A straight arrow is simple:
Arrows : 1 (Or more)
Max roll 0
Max pitch : 0

A circle Arrow is difficult, but with Max roll : 360 it wil look nice

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Ok thank you Filip it works but it remains very randomly for length, position, ... A great implementation should be to add more parameters to really generate custom arrows.

Anyway, it's a great moment in 3D generation !

Jeep35, 2 weeks ago

Michiel, is it possible to have the possibility to rotate the figure ? Thank you.

vincent, 2 weeks ago

I think you did a fantastic job Franco.

MrGruntHunter, 2 weeks ago

Thank you all!

Thank you Franco for your tutorial promo!

Thank jou Vincent and Jeep35 for your feature requests!

michiel, 2 weeks ago

👍 🙏🙏🙏

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

Wow!!! thank you Michiel and Franco for your dedicated you both of you..

Dani, 2 weeks ago

Hello, thank you for your constant creativity
1- Is it possible to Give a Mask to them growing only in that environment? For example, I want the word BT which Arrows grow around it like a heart
2- Can you activate the tree-generator that you had many years ago so that custom trees-branches and flowers grow in 3D in the environment?
Thank you

SamSaam, 2 weeks ago

Samsaam: Do you mean this?

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Filip: Nope, Like this

SamSaam, 2 weeks ago

SamSaam, thank you for your suggestions!

Here's another way you could use the arrows tool for a Valentine's card.

michiel, 2 weeks ago

Beatiful Michiel

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much for the great tutorial. This helped me a lot as I was struggling to make a show.

lightads, a week ago

Franco, Superb tutorial as usual. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

EdwardL, 6 days ago

Super app, Bixelangelo 👍🏼

gato@mo, 4 days ago

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