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michiel | a year ago | 19 comments | 17 likes | 1,037 views

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I'm proud to announce that the theme of the upcoming BixPack is: sea monsters!

The new pack will feature 6 octopus models ranging from prehistoric Cameroceras to modern day Kraken, post-human robots and esoteric abstracts.

The new octopus effect brings them all to life: animating their tentacles, blinking their eyes and rendering their skin.

We're currently fine-tuning the templates and hope to launch the pack within a month. Watch the YouTube video for a preview.

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Thank you!

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Great job ! We are far from simple text effects and this is a real amazing work.

Jeep35, a year ago

octopus model and animation are wonderful...they look real... always great packs from outerspacesoftware....

Dani, a year ago

Great job! michiel)

Sma, a year ago

Fantastic work. Looks great

lightads, a year ago

Exactly why I'm a flyer and not a diver....

Water is not my environment, but I'm already thinking these could
make good titles for the great grand kids wading pool clips!

SMSgtRod, a year ago

Oh my goodness, this looks fantastic. It is the right thing for the new double sided water layer! BixPack 29 is an "must have" for me!

Ulli, a year ago

Un extraordinario trabajo Michiel

persiana, a year ago

Abyssal pack !!!!Since BT goes through the water surface this pack was necessary. Great work Michiel.
Octopus cfx seems A W E S O M E !

vincent, a year ago

Great work

chaver, a year ago

Thank you all 😘. We'll do our best to have the pack launched soon!

michiel, a year ago

Great Pack, almost hate to go on vacation.....

Filip, a year ago

Wow Top 👈

elvis66, a year ago

Awesome and wonderful, excellent Bixpack.

Jesus, a year ago

AWESOME pack!! :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

michiel :) The new octopus is awesome and it's packed as soon as possible!

liuyongcai, a year ago

🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 this summer everyone at the sea ...

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Fabuleux monstres aux irrésistibles tentacules.Superbe travail

PAT67, a year ago

Michiel, I can definitely use the Sea Monsters in my cruise videos. Could you do a Bix Pak on cruising? We cruise every year, and a pak dealing with cruise ships, ships at sea, approaching and leaving islands would be great.
der Slatz

derslatz, a year ago

Thank you all for your enthusiastic feedback!

The Sea Monsters pack has just been launched:

michiel, a year ago

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