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The STL 3D model format is a very simple format:
-no colours
-no transparency
-no textures
-no submodels
-no animation
-only flat shading

3D printing

Yes the format is limited, but it has all you need for single colour 3D printing and as a result has become a very popular format.

A wealth of very useful 3D models in the STL format can be found on sites like this:


BluffTitler version 16.3.1, launched today, supports the STL format!


The STL format does not support colours. Use the COLOUR prop of the model layer to add colour.


The STL format does not support textures. The NormalMapper effect can be used to add textures:

Thank you

Thank you all for your STL request!


As always, download the latest version from the download page:

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For testing, we've used pages like this.

When you encounter an STL file that is not correctly imported in BluffTitler, let us know!

michiel, 3 months ago

Thank you Michiel!

LostBoyz, 3 months ago

Merci beaucoup Michiel, c'est super!

Alex-Raymond T., 3 months ago

Thank you, yes, stl is a standard format for 3D Printers

vincent, 3 months ago

Wow! I love it! A million thanks Michiel. You are a genious!

Omer, 3 months ago

Thank you Michiel

chaver, 3 months ago


Aerofilms30s, 3 months ago

Very cool

Decentralized, 3 months ago

Thank you, Michiel.

Ulli, 3 months ago

Good news

Dani, 3 months ago

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