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michiel | 11 years ago | 6 comments | 2 likes | 5,042 views

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You can add specular highlights to your text and picture layers by setting the SPECULARITY property to a non-zero value. Take a look at the above screenshots to see what a difference this can make.

The colour of the highlight can be set with the LIGHT COLOUR property of the point light layer. The effect file used is PhongShader.fx.

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Hi Michiel,

If I'm using PhongShader FX only ONE PointLight is rendered (I have three point lighs, in different locations, all marked as visible). Is it normal ? Is PhongShader effect capable to interpret more then ONE source of point light ?

Best regards,

RRA, 11 years ago

FX files use the first ambient light, the first point light and ignore all other lights. Reason is simplicity and optimization.

michiel, 11 years ago

Hi Michiel,

Please, consider to write PhonShader FX with possibility to use all defined point lights.

Why it is important ?

I'm rendering titles and 3D objects with alpha channel to use it in NLE editor. I have to keep them exposed to light from every direction - if not, they become black and are rendered as transparent.

It would be nice to have both : surface and specularity from Phon Shader FX and accurate transparency from proper lighing. I really regret that can't use Phong Shader FX to my present task - can see that quality is fantastic and "polishedplasticlike" look would be very desired.

Best regards,


RRA, 11 years ago

An easy trick to keep layers lightened from all angles is to attach the point light to the camera layer.

michiel, 11 years ago

Hi Michiel,

I had installed last version of BT, have used your advice "attach the point light to the camera layer".

But still have the same problem :-(

My object is partially transparent globe and Phong Shader FX uses only light from camera layer. Can't keep light exactly in origin of object because effect of sphere is disturbed (not such tangible as I like). If I move light then (exactly like in your example of red ball) some parts are nor properly lightened.

Any other ideas ?

Best regards,

RRA, 11 years ago

Maybe the POSITION property of the attached light layer is not set to (0,0,0).

michiel, 11 years ago

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