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michiel | 4 years ago | 17 comments | 15 likes | 2,115 views

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Here are the release notes for version 13.7, launched today;


2 new camera layer properties: FOG RANGE and FOG COLOUR. This way we no longer have to use the Camera/CameraFog effect and can combine fog with other effects. Fog now also works with additive and subtractive blending!


The 3D arrows (F2) are now always rendered at the same size, independent of the size of the layer. This is useful for extremely small and extremely large layers.

Menu items

This can be used to attach layers to container and camera layers.

This can be used to detach layers from container and camera layers.

Options dialog

1 option added to the SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog: PREFER INSTALLER EFFECTS. When this checkbox is marked, the effects that came with the installer are always used, even if the show links to a different version of the same effect. This way we can, for example, force old BixPack templates to use the latest effects.

Title bars

The number of folders and files are now printed in the title bar of the file dialog.

The number of slides are now printed in the title bar of the playlist window.

Free update

If you would like to thank us for yet another *FREE* update, please consider purchasing a few BixPacks. We're planning to launch a brand new pack next week:


If you are interested in the Mars pack, planned for launch next week, make sure to update to this latest version because the surface and low orbit templates all use the new fog system:

Thank you!

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Great Michiel, toppie?

The next bix Pack Mars: Is a must have. When can it be bought?????

Filip, 4 years ago

Thank you Filip.

We're planning to have all systems go for launch early next week!

michiel, 4 years ago

Fantastic! :)

LostBoyz, 4 years ago

Thank you michiel for all your great work

vincent, 4 years ago

Thank you, OuterSpace

Nice free update (gratis), some great tweaks and updates for designers.

Nerd question ?
In the book and movie: "The Martian", they didn't mention and consider the radiation.
What would be your solution to combat this fierce and real threat?

Ooops sorry, I forgot it is "fake", because it looks so real.

komies, 4 years ago

My solution to the radiation problem?

Send bots, let them collect as much data as possible and do the exploration on earth. It's easy: with the right data even your favorite video titler app can bring Mars to life! ???‍?

michiel, 4 years ago

Muchas gracias por esta nueva versión Michiel

persiana, 4 years ago

Thank you Michiel,
I have to go and get the Rover back, I'm ready to launch ...

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Thanks Michiel, for this new version, Blufftitler always surpassing.

Jesus, 4 years ago

In 40 years of computing I have dealt with a whole host of awful companies. I have also had the good fortune to have used products from some very good companies.

Outerspace is in a whole category of it's own. Frequent product updates at no charge to the customer. Happily incorporating customer suggestions within these updates. Never heard of such things before Outerspace.

So, I do thank you. I thank you for the updates, for the new offerings, for the most welcome price breaks, answering our (sometimes ridiculous) questions in near real time and most of all for just being you.


PS: I have 19 Bix Packs so far.... the remainder don't really strike my fancy but, next Bix Pack Sale I will most likely get them and find they will become my most used!! LOL

SMSgtRod, 4 years ago

What would tickle your fancy as a Bixpack theme?

komies, 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this great update, Michiel! ?

Ulli, 4 years ago

Hey Komies... being a pilot type of course an exclusive aviation pack would be a Bix Pack close to my heart.
I'll buy the Mars pack when it is released. I'd love a Saturn Pack as it's the most interesting and beautiful object in the Solar System. I would also purchase a Solar System Pack too.

How about animals both prehistoric and present day. Maybe a pack for the entomologists would be useful too.

Lastly, what I would call Bix Toy Boxes. The boxes would contain well defined 3D Models.

Aren't you happy you asked? LOL

SMSgtRod, 4 years ago

Is it that Saturn is a gas giant also the reason?
You can not land on it as you would on a rock planet ?.
The pressure is very high, and very people unfriendly. Also a reason why some might like it. LOL

The movement of animals would be difficult in 3D in BluffTitler.

There are many sites that offer 3 models for you to convert, but may I interpret as a library of ready to use .x models?

komies, 4 years ago

The Saturn system has a ton of moons all highly worth visiting. They are solid rock or ice.

Animal movement not that hard as Outer can do anything.

Yes, library ready to go.


SMSgtRod, 4 years ago

Komies: Cards. Shuffling, dancing decks. New waxed and filthy dog-earred. All styles of Poker. Black Jack. Bridge. Pinochle. Customizable faces. And sounds. Hands tossed in the air, slapped to tabletops, on fire, melting like Dali. Houses/neighborhoods/cities of cards collapsing.
Throw in dice, poker chips, roulette, cocktails... and you've got a Gambling BixPack. Just a thought.

misterbrains, 4 years ago

Michiel a small review video would be nice for new updated version( What's new in updated version)
Franco did it well...this will help a lot for every one...
it's only a thought...

Dani, 4 years ago

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