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NextPreviousHomeVideo intro template using interiormap by Vincent

michiel | 6 months ago | 21 comments | 8 likes | 718 views

Tintin, LostBoyz, PAT67 and 5 others like this!

This intro uses the interiormap 01.jpg created by Vincent. Thank you Vincent!!!

Download the texture here:

To make sure BluffTitler can find the texture, place it next to the .bt show file.

Download media files (1.2 KB)

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Here's the original article by Vincent, including the download location for the texture:

michiel, 6 months ago

thanks michiel, i'll try to create other interiormaps, do you think Bixorama could generate interiormaps from a cubemap or singles files ?

vincent, 6 months ago

Here some room textures

vincent, 6 months ago

Interiormap support in Bixorama is a good suggestion.

Also thanks for the new interiormaps!

michiel, 6 months ago

3 more textures (halls)

vincent, 6 months ago

Mille mercis!

Hall3.jpg works great in the UFO scenes!

michiel, 6 months ago


How did you make these rooms?

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

With pleasure Michiel. Franco, rooms come from 3D models + EPS loaded with BT then I try to match the perspective of the scene with the attached canvas (michiel) that I overlay, when it's ok I make the canvas invisible and I export as image from BT. It's not always easy because scenes are generally in 16:9 but we interiormap bust be square. I'll search in my archive if i have other scenes that could be used as interior maps.

vincent, 6 months ago

Ok, thanks.
it is the method that I also tried, that is to distort the perspective. But my furniture was too large, I see that better results are obtained with small thicknesses.

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

I make this with Blender 2.8

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

in a palace

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

Merci pour les partages

PAT67, 6 months ago


I managed to build a room entirely in BT using your schematic and putting the picture layers in perspective. Now just change the textures and the room creates itself.
Then save a picture and load as a picture and turn-on the effect with interiormap.

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

Works nice. And yes, it is important to respect the perspective canvas.

vincent, 6 months ago

Bixorama 5.4, launched today, now supports interiormaps. More info and demos will follow later:

michiel, 6 months ago

Michiel, you are the best and the fastest programmer. Thank you very much, i'll do some tests.

vincent, 6 months ago

Great Michiel. I'm going to have a look....

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

try the concave picture layer and the new 360 ° image generated by Bixorama is a bomb !!

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

Thanks a lot for the textures, Vincent!
I will try it to built an 3D room in BT with your canvas.

Ulli, 6 months ago

Every time I try using a 360 image converted in Bixorama 5.4 it doesn’t work or fit correctly within a room interior.

Can anyone provide some workable settings that they’ve used? Thanks in advance

Applejax, 5 months ago

In Bixorama, choose FILE > Export 360 photo > Interior square to export your 360 image for use with the Special/Interiormap effect.

Make sure the set the FX INTERIORS IN TEXTURE prop to (1,1). The show attached to this article gives a ready to use example.

michiel, 5 months ago

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