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michiel | 16 years ago | 8 comments | 5 likes | 20,737 views

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To give the text the look of an antique golden Inca treasure I've used the effect file multitexture \ reflection_bumpmap.fx in combination with the textures reflectionmap_gold.jpg and bumpmap_crusty.png. You can see this by pressing F9 in the program.

All the texts are stored in the XML file. Load it into Notepad to see how it's done.

The dark red misty background is created by the particle layer.

And the font used is Roman Antique, the link is below

Download media files (159.4 KB)

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Good Animation. One thing though on two PCs with different graphic cards I've noticed that when the text changes there is a noticable freeze on the particle layer.

When I watch the play slider it appears to stop just short of the end keyframe, freezes and then goes back to the beginning and the next screen of text.

Is it a bug?

DeanO, 16 years ago

During this freeze BluffTitler creates the 3D models it needs for the new text. Remember that every character is a 3D model and this can take some time, especially in high quality mode.

Note that this effect is only noticeble during realtime playing, the exported movie file is as smooth as it can be.

Also 3D models have to be created only for the characters that are new, so when changing from, for example DeanO to Daemon only a model for the letter M has to be created because that's the only new one.

And after a while the whole alphabet has been created and it plays as smooth as it can be. Try playing this animation in a loop!

The alternative to this "lazy evaluation" technique would be to create the whole alphabet in advance, but this could take some time, especially in Japan and China :)

michiel, 16 years ago

In version 6 text meshes are shared between layers, so you can easily pre-create all the character meshes by cloning the text layer and changing the text into ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789.

The only purpose of this text layer is to pre-create the text meshes, so it's best to move this layer to an invisible position, for example behind the camera.

michiel, 16 years ago

I can not get this file to play what arethe steps I need to follow for viewing the file once they are downloaded? New to BTL

gerald612, 15 years ago

This animation requires a graphics card that supports pixel shader 2.0, maybe that's the problem.

General help can be found on this page:

michiel, 15 years ago

Cannot find your xml file anywhere, Can you give me a hint since I scanned my entire system?

vinman, 13 years ago

When you save this show with the menu item FILE / SAVE SHOW + ALL MEDIA FILES you can find the PirateMovie.xml file next to the show file (or in the content folder next to the show file if you mark the PLACE MEDIA IN SUBFOLDERS checkbox)

michiel, 13 years ago

Thank you very much, That's what happens when a person is just learning.

vinman, 13 years ago

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