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The next version of BluffTitler introduces the lightning layer. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are 6 screenshots.

In the upper left corner you can see a lightning layer that is attached to a light layer. The target layer is set to a text layer.

In the upper right corner, the parent as well as the target layer is a text layer. This way the flashes dance in between the two text layers.

In the centre pictures, the flashes have no target. The left picture has a high fractal dimension which results in very freakish shapes. The right picture has a fractal dimension of 0, which results into straight lines.

In the lower left picture, the target layer is the same as the parent layer. This way flashes are rendered between different parts of the same layer.

The lower right picture is the same as the upper right, only the positions of the text layers have changed.

The lightning layer will have the following 8 properties:

1 Flashes per Second
2 Flash Duration
3 Flash Size
4 1st Colour
5 2nd Colour
6 Fractal Dimension
7 Branching
8 Target Layer

You create a lightining layer by attaching it to an exisiting layer. You can set the target layer with the TARGET LAYER property.

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Is there any way to integrate sketch layers with the lightning? My hope is that it would allow for keyframeable paths.

Can't wait!

Is it possible to also create light/glow on text/objects that only shows on the surface of those objects/text and not the gaps between letters or eps shapes? I was looking for an example on video, but I'll have to recreate it in Vegas.

Elect1, 13 years ago

Great stuff Michiel, how long do we all have to wait!!!!

DaveH, 13 years ago

Yes, you can attach a lightning layer to a sketch layer.

You can create a glow by attaching a particle layer. Use smaller and more particles if you do not want to fill the gaps between the letters.

michiel, 13 years ago

Do you have any idea of when this all being released Michiel?

Damo, 13 years ago


JimH, 13 years ago

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