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This show uses the container layer introduced in version 7.6

I've attached the picture layers to the container layer (layer 5). This way I can move/scale and rotate all 8 pictures by moving/scaling and rotating the container layer.

You can create a container layer by choosing LAYER / ADD LAYER / ADD CONTAINER LAYER

And you can attach layers to the container layer by choosing submenus of LAYER / ATTACH LAYER

Download media files (251.7 KB)

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Note that you can clone the whole carousel, including the 8 pictures, by cloning the container layer:

1) select the container layer (layer 5)
2) press the CLONE ACTIVE LAYER button
3) move the copy of the carousel to its own location by adjusting the POSITION property

michiel, 13 years ago

Ah, I was trying to do something similar by editing the file of your latest Carousel, but that didn't work. Glad to see this does.

Per, 13 years ago

Now, if I wanted each of the 8 pictures to come swooping in at the start and then group up and make a Carousel - how would you go about that? :)

Per, 13 years ago

By animating the POSITION properties of the 8 pictures from a random position to their correct position around the circle. And by not animating the container layer until the pictures have arrived at their correct position.

The container layer does not position the 8 pictures at equal distances around the circle. You still have to do that yourself by setting the POSITION properties of the 8 pictures.

But after you've done that you can rotate them as if they're one by rotating the container layer.

michiel, 13 years ago

Is it possible to have one picture on the front and one on the back? I tried setting the second texture to something else, but that didn't work.

Per, 13 years ago

You need 2 picture layers to do that: one for the front and one for the back.

michiel, 13 years ago

Oh dear, sounds like a lot of lining up, I had hoped there would be a simpler way :)

Per, 13 years ago

Another option is to use this effect file:


michiel, 13 years ago

Have been poking around with this and inserted some pictures with alpha-channel transparency. Way too cool when it's rotating.

penglish, 13 years ago

Have been poking around with this and inserted some pictures with alpha-channel transparency. Way too cool when it's rotating.

penglish, 13 years ago

BluffTitler - Size maxi images

I would like to make a carousel with 8 photos, I can load the first two photos but then problem could not load more pictures. The pictures are high resolution (5696 x 4288 pixels) but compressed jpg to 570 KB in size.
My question: there are t - it for BluffTitler a limit for the maximum resolution images and (or) size maxi KB or even a max limit of size ko for all of the images included in a project ?
Windows 7
Intel core i7-2820QM
GeForce GTX 560 M

jeablu, 9 years ago

Your pictures are uploaded uncompressed to the video memory of your graphics card. For this reason the only thing that matters is the resolution. The fact that it compresses to only 570 KB as JPG is irrelevent.

I advise you to scale down your photos in Photoshop or any other paint application.

Another option is to buy a graphics card with more video memory.

And a 3rd option is to mark the LIMIT TEXTURE RESOLUTION TO SHOW RESOLUTION checkbox in the SETTINGS > GENERAL OPTIONS dialog.

michiel, 9 years ago

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