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michiel | 3 months ago | 18 comments | 12 likes | 535 views

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The launch of version 16 went very smoothly!

Only 3 rare GLB features have given problems:
1) Transparent textures
2) Double sided faces
3) Animated morph targets

All 3 are solved in version, launched today:

Detailed info in the comments.

Thank you all very much. It's an immense joy to see the fun you are all having with the animated models!

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1) Transparent textures

To improve the rendering quality of transparent textures, the AdvancedMaterials\ColourmapNormalmapCubemap effect now features an FX ALPHA TEST property. This effect is automatically selected when a GLB model uses a normal map, but can be applied to any model.

When the alpha channel of the texture is lower than the FX ALPHA TEST value, the pixel is discarded. This can be used to fine-tune the transparent textures. But also for special effects, for example for making a werewolf naked.

The screenshot uses this model (only purchase when you know how to convert FBX+TGA into GLB):

michiel, 3 months ago

2) Double sided faces

The same AdvancedMaterials\ColourmapNormalmapCubemap effect now also features an FX DOUBLE SIDED property.

It can be used to fix faces that should be double sided. But also for special effects, for example for making a solid model visible from the inside.

The screenshot uses this model:

michiel, 3 months ago

3) Animated morph targets

Morph targets are offered in the GUI as MX properties:

Version supports animated morph targets!

The screenshot uses this model, the branches now blow in the wind:

michiel, 3 months ago

FANTASTIC!! Thank you!

LostBoyz, 3 months ago

Wow that's soon. Thnx Michiel.

Filip, 3 months ago

Michiel is The Boss....again. Thank you for your work.

vincent, 3 months ago

Another fantastic improvement! Thank you Michiel!

Alex-Raymond T., 3 months ago

FANTASTIC!! Thank you!Michiel!

liuyongcai, 3 months ago

Bravo et merci Michel.

le beau jojo, 3 months ago

Excelente....Gracias Michiel.

EDWIN, 3 months ago

Super.Thank you Michiel

chaver, 3 months ago

This is wonderful. My trees are moving. A thousand thanks, Michiel!

Ulli, 3 months ago

This is great news. Thank you so much, Michiel.

Decentralized, 3 months ago

Nice additions! Thank you.

Thor5ten, 3 months ago

Wonderful! Thanks Michiel!
Nobody else responds to it's users as well as you do.

IntroChamp, 3 months ago

Thank you all!

michiel, 3 months ago

Thank you that every day I visit the site, I see new exciting features,
Is it possible to change the texture of different parts of an object in the next versions inside BT?

SamSaam, 3 months ago

SamSaam, this can be done with the SUBMODEL property of the model layer. The user guide explains how this works:

michiel, 3 months ago

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