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Here's a question by e-mail: how can I recreate the M3GAN text effect in BluffTitler?

Here's how to do it:


Switch to the Bahnschrift font: choose MEDIA > CHANGE FONT...

2) EPS

Create an EPS file of the glyph. In this case 3 horizontal lines, also known as "the hamburger".

Vector editing apps that work great with BluffTitler include:


Affinity Designer:



Replace the E by your custom shape in the MEDIA > CHANGE GLYPH... dialog:
-Set the CHARACTER to E
-Click on the SELECT VECTOR button and select your EPS file
-Play with the SIZE and VERTICAL POSITION until it looks good (in this case 0.75 and 0)


Make the E green by choosing MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... and selecting the Text\Dot effect:
-Set the FX DOT UNICODE VALUE to 69 to to select the E
-Set the FX DOT DIVIDING LINE prop to -100 to select the whole glyph (not just the dot)
-Set the FX DOT COLOUR prop to green (0, 255, 0)


Make the E glow by marking the GLOW checkbox in the LAYER > ACTIVE LAYER PROPERTIES... dialog.

The latest version of the Text\Dot effect is smart enough to glow only the dot!


Make the E blink in the LAYER > VJ... dialog:
-Set SENSITIVITY to (0, -120, 0)
-Mark the OSCILLATOR radio button
-Set the BPM (Beats Per Minute) to 60


Yes, that's a lot of steps. But the advantage is that it's fully customizable: replace any glyph of any font by any shape in any colour in any speed!

When you save the result with PRESET > SAVE PRESET AS.. the steps are performed automatically when you select PRESET > OPEN PRESET...


The latest installer comes with a demo:

Enjoy playing around with the settings!

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Great effect.

Ulli, a year ago

Thnx Michiel. Nice preset.

Filip, a year ago

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