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michiel | 5 years ago | 7 comments | 7 likes | 2,800 views

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Nice article in the Russian Учительская газета newspaper about the use of BluffTitler in secondary schools!

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Michiel do you have the full article?
All I could find and translate was this article placed on 22th of december:

As in the TV
Educational computer software design + = GEF

Creation of interdisciplinary training projects contributes to a universal educational actions of students. Another advantage of such projects - integration of different disciplines, which is very important in the context of the federal state educational standards of the second generation. I'll tell you about the model of the organization of training projects whose products have become a video simulating in its design and issues of genre television programs.

Oleg Loschagin

Sorry, the full version of this text will be readable in 70 days. According to this article.

komies, 5 years ago

I don't know the impact of this newspaper but i am happy for you michiel, that rewards all the Outerspace's fabulous work.

vincent, 5 years ago

BT could be widely used in secondary schools. However, when I ask teachers if they know anything about this program, my colleagues often find difficulty in replying.
I decided to write an article about BT and some BixPacks (Virtual Studios, Newsrooms, and Broadcast) in Russian “Teacher’s Newspaper” (“Учительская газета”). This newspaper has been published since 1924; its circulation is 74400 copies (printed version), and it is read all over Russia.
In the article, I tried to describe how to organize study projects in which students can shoot videos imitating TV news (e.g.
Without a doubt, BT can have a big future in the field of education.

Long live Bluff!

Oleg Loshchagin, 5 years ago

That good news, BluffTitler is a special software for many schools and the ease with which to make pryectos. I hope soon
reaches many countries. Congratulations Michiel.

Jesus, 5 years ago

My russian is a bit rusty, but congratulations Michiel

Filip, 5 years ago

Fantastic! Congratulations Michiel.

maxste, 5 years ago

Felicidades Michiel, esto es el premio a tanto esfuerzo para que Blufftitler tenga el lugar que le corresponde

persiana, 5 years ago

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