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Version is a free upgrade and is now ready for download!

New features in this version include:

ROTATION CENTRE property in the model layer. This is the centre around which the model rotates. When you press F2 the rotation centre is visualized with cyan, yellow and purple arrows.

GRADIENT POWER property in the plasma layer. This controls the shape of the horizontal, vertical and radial gradients.

SHEARING property in the sketch layer. This is difficult to explain, but you'll understand immediately when you use it. The sketch layer now features 4 styles: FLAT, SQUARE, BEVEL and ROUND (1st dropdown below textbox)

The MEDIA > CHANGE TEXT dialog now has a LOREM IPSUM button to generate dummy text.

The executable is much smaller resulting in faster loading!

The text and picture layers now have the same default position of (0,0,400). This way new picture layers no longer make default text layers invisible.

And one silly bug is fixed: fully transparent text layers are no longer capable of making the shadows of all model layers invisible.

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thank you very much for this new change.

maitegras, 11 years ago

Thank you for all the excellent new featuresin version BluffTitler becomes better and better. And the BixPack 3 is very inspirational. I appreciate the apparent simplicity of the templates. 100% usability. And very nice.

asterix, 11 years ago

I just checked this new version.
everything is OK. I like
text layers transparent. not generate shadow, it seems to me correct.
but there is something more.
when a model, working with the submodel tool.
and only part of the model we choose.
the other layers are still shadow

maitegras, 11 years ago

Thanks Michiel for these features.

vincent, 11 years ago

maitegras, well spotted! Note that this is only a problem when you would like to render a selection of the submodels of a model layer with shadows. But you are right, this is something that should be fixed. Thank you for the report!

michiel, 11 years ago

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