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michiel | 17 years ago | 4 comments | 2 likes | 5,886 views

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We regularly recieve e-mail from people being afraid that a program featuring so many effects is unnecessarily difficult to use for the simple, ordinary effects they're only interested in.

To prove that easy things are still easy in BluffTitler here's a simple 5 step guide for creating a credit roll:

1) start a new show with the menu item FILE / NEW SHOW
2) enter your text in the textbox in the upper left corner
3) move the text to its start position with the 3 small sliders
4) move the time slider (the big slider) all the way to the right
5) move the text to its end position with the 3 small sliders

That's it, you can now press the PLAY button!

And to prove that "hard" things are easy as well, try selecting the menu item LAYER / ATTACH BORDER TO CURRENT LAYER and select SILVER ROUND BORDER

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Michiel. Did you get previous comments? Hit rate article before sending them, they disappeared! briefly 5 star app. love it!And all this support. Your quick responce. Will be reccomending it to all my video friends & wish you well. Froggy

Froggy, 17 years ago

Thanks michiel, Nothing could be easier! Love the software & everything about it, inc. your quick responce - hope to make something really creative! Froggy

Froggy, 17 years ago

OK, I bought BluffTitler Pro after reading this page. I'm sure that down the road I will enjoy all of the many features of this program, which is why I bought the Pro version.

In the meantime, the reason why I obtained this program is because the Sony Vegas credit roll is disappointing at best. I have a nine part video on YouTube that took me nearly a year to produce. The 9th part has been uploaded and the herky jerky credit roll is undermining the whole video.

I was hoping that I would buy this program add the credit roll and be able to fix the video today. So I :

1) Bought BluffTitler
2) Pressed the "+" button, starting a new show
3) Highlighted and copied the credits, which are saved in a txt file
4) Pasted the text in the box on the left hand side
5) The box only accepts a limited amount of text and not the entire list of credits.

I'm missing the part where Easy things should be easy. Is there a mention of a limitation to the amount of text that can be entered into this program which I missed?

What do I do now?

Warin, 8 years ago

I think this article answers your question:

michiel, 8 years ago

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