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michiel | 10 months ago | 14 comments | 7 likes | 823 views

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3D model sites offer most of their models in the OBJ format. That's great because BluffTitler also supports this format!

But the OBJ format has one major annoyance: the material info is stored in a separate MTL file, which is often forgotten by the uploader.

This tutorial explains how to fix this.

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This tutorial uses a free model from

michiel, 10 months ago

It offers 3 downloads.

michiel, 10 months ago

When you open the OBJ in BluffTitler, by choosing LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD MODEL LAYER..., the model is fully white because there is no corresponding MTL file.

michiel, 10 months ago

Luckily the texture is included, so we can fix this!

Choose MEDIA > CHANGE TEXTURE... and select the mandrill_albedo_8K.tif file.

michiel, 10 months ago

That looks a lot better!

michiel, 10 months ago

Now do something creative with the model with all the effects BluffTitler has to offer!

michiel, 10 months ago

More info about the model layer can be found in the user guide:

michiel, 10 months ago

Great.Thanks for info

chaver, 10 months ago

Thnx Michiel...but what if there is no texture.....can we create our own texture??

Filip, 10 months ago

Filip, that's a lot more difficult.

The System\UVMap effect can help to extract a texture from a model. The installer comes with a demo:

michiel, 10 months ago


Decentralized, 10 months ago

Thank you so much for the tutorial, Michiel! I had no idea of how to fix this issue - until now..

steveg, 10 months ago

The BFX file does exactly the same as the CFX file. It's the uncompiled version:

michiel, 9 months ago

Thanks Michiel

PiPPi, 9 months ago

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